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Discouragement could be a new web designer's greatest enemy. I understand this because I'm constantly experiencing it every day. I usually find myself thinking: it's a lot to learn, I'm too far behind, I'm not just like another guys/girls or I'm like I'm wasting my time. Then I begin to second guess myself. Many of these thoughts pop into my head over and over again every single day, and it's an ongoing struggle to get past all the doubts and uncertainties.  werbeagentur

Can it be going to stop you? Will you fight the constant urge to just quit? That decision can just only be made by you.

Deciding to begin a career in Web Design is the initial part. The advantages are extremely appealing. However, the difficulties of reaching your goal could be misleading. It demands countless hours facing some type of computer, learning, reading tutorials, and trial and error and soon you have it down. But learning is the start so you have to make a portfolio, and search for work. The competition on free lance job boards is fierce. How is someone without portfolio likely to be noticeable? You do not, free lance job boards are so overcrowded that there surely is typically somebody available with work to exhibit for who'll get the job done for inexpensive leaving you out of luck. You need a portfolio so you do benefit free or even you obtain lucky and reach code somebody's design but at the end of the afternoon you're getting discouraged and those thoughts keep popping into your face, nevertheless you shouldn't quit. The world is yours bring it if you like it. So if it's there why not bring it?

In this phase of the road to becoming a web designer, I usually try to remember these things: 

Don't compare myself to other people.

Prioritize and Plan.

Never stop learning.

Don't compare yourself to others

This is the biggest reason for my discouragement, yesterday I went on Theme Forest because I was considering selling some Word press Themes on their market. I looked around to see if anything I had done was good enough and found out that the stuff they sell there's excellent! I immediately got this sense of discouragement because I felt like none of my stuff was anywhere near just like that. Not forgetting the complexity of the design functionality this is somewhat beyond me. I figured I had 2 choices. 

I'm never planning to be so good why try?

Damn that's excellent I need to get there someday.

I chose option number 2, because it's no good putting yourself down everytime you see someone's work that's better than you. There can be somebody better than you. werbeagentur

Prioritize and Plan

I recently acquired enough knowledge and skills to put into practice. Right now I'm at a period of excitement and eagerness to work which has caused me to take on a lot more than I possibly could handle. After learning of all exciting ways to create cash flow, I found myself working on so many things. I didn't learn how to use my time or what to focus on and when. I began getting discouraged because I was spending all now onto it but wasn't getting any work done. I knew I must be more organized so I wrote out my short term goals for every project written down and by doing that I got a lot more work done. I prioritized them with an inventory and then wrote out an agenda to reach my goals subsequently making me much less discouraged about feeling like I'm wasting time.